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After the Storm

Hey friends, sorry for going quiet on you.

Constellating the Cosmos of Your BrainLife Coach

Lately I’ve been really drawn to pictorial representations of what’s going on in my head and in my life.
Maybe it’s because I’m feeling pretty scrambled, dealing with lots of loose, untidy ends.
Pictures seem to help me see from a distance where words corral me too close.

Two Cents?

In grad school my poetry professor once opened a discussion of meter and line breaks by writing these words on the blackboard:

Quotes As Friends

Thought you might be interested in seeing some of the results of the buddy-to-self tasks I gave myself on Friday.
Here’s the current list of quotes I keep on hand that always motivate me to sit up, rethink, fly a little higher.
I’d love to have an uneven 31, so feel free to add your faves in the comments.

Spitting Distances

When I relaunched by business in July I made a couple of promises to myself: no well-intentioned fakery (of the “sunshine up ass” variety) and to keep it real.
Which is why I’m letting it be known that today my chips are down, and I’m in the mood to muse aloud.

Sports Coaching

I also do sports coaching. I put students on testosterone supplements, which are a great herbal way to increase strength and muscle mass. Not only that they make you feel great. These are definitely not steroids. They don't have the side effects, or dangers involved.